Sunday, August 24, 2014

Why Bitcoin will succeed despite any attempt to restrict it

An interesting definition on what intelligence is, according this ted talk, the maximization of future possibilities.
And this make sense, the more you have possibilities at your disposal, the less you have to fight since you can just leap like a frog.
I like this definition, since it also explain why a completely unregulated free market is by definition superior.

Free market policies aims at nothing more than the maximization of trading alternatives.
When alternatives are abundant, you can easily change to the most suitable trading partner to improve your efficiency.

Bitcoin is the only way to trade with anyone, remotely and without any government approval.
Possibilities are multiplied, and so, actors in the Bitcoin economy will adapt faster than others.
Black market will have an edge on white market, I expect capital and brains will move to the most efficient and enter in the bitcoin economy, leaving no choice for white market but to deregulate.

Funny thing is that I recently read Altas Shrugged, were, in an heavily socialized US, smart people disappear one after and ask one question before leaving "Who is John Galt ?"
In today's economy, smart people will not disappear physically but economically from the white market, making no choice but to make the transition to Bitcoin.

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