Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Great Skill Gap

It is a funny thing to see employers having such hard time to find skilled workers, but at the same time government denying it.

For the politician, it seems impossible to have at the same time high unemployment and skill shortage, so denial is their only logical explanation.
But this only reflect a total failure of the education system.

Government blames business managers for misreading government data, when business manager tells them it does not represent reality.

Throwing at money in the education black hole, is the same as thinking that brain cells grow out of green bills. Nothing will come out from it except parasites addicted by government subsidies.

The root of the problem is that when technology advances at such speed, the old paradigm is unsustainable.
The root of the problem is thinking that school should teach, when we need workers able to learn all their life, by themselves.
And you can't be self driven without curiosity, the only fuel of the mind.
You can't force someone to be curious about something, all attempt of coercion is useless.

Einstein said : "Student is not a container you have to fill but a torch you have to light up."

So how do we light up the torches ?
The ablest teacher can do that by asking the right questions and by not giving the answers.
With the same process by which a student is eager to see the next episode of your favorite TV show, he will step forward and will not wait you to give him the show.

The problem is that we are in shortage of such teacher, for the same reason as it requires their own torches to be lighted up. You don't light up a torch with a wet box of matches.

The only way to lighten a torch, if you don't have a great teacher is through entrepreneurship.
And children should be able to make their own businesses for this reason.

We should let them work, for the sake of their own business for other businesses, despite of their young age.
We should let them employ and trade with their parent or other children, by their own free will.
When start to understand that knowledge will serve your own purpose, the light comes up.

Let children make businesses, give them free will, let them trade, help them to ask the right questions, and let them search internet and books for responses. This is the only scalable way to light torches.

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