Friday, August 29, 2014

Responsibility and Freedom

Take both or neither. And this is not as easy as it sounds.

The great side of Bitcoin is Freedom. When you own a Bitcoin, nobody can take it by force, except if you allow it. And everybody will love that they can be free from the tyranny of banks or payment providers.
But Freedom and Responsibility are two sides of the same coin.

So, in counterpart of Freedom, you are accountable for protecting your money. You have the Responsibility to protect it from hackers, or looters (Mt Gox).
And most people are afraid of taking it, and would prefer transfer responsibility to a trusted party to which they will pay services.
But by giving up responsibility, you loose freedom, you become at the mercy, you don't own a bitcoin anymore, you own an IOU, a promise of debt, of one bitcoin to which you trust the third party to exchange at any time.
It is impossible to own a Bitcoin and give up responsibility at the same time.

But Responsibility and Freedom go hand in hand, increase your responsibilities, and you will increase your Freedom.
The fear of responsibility is the chain of voluntary slavery. And for good reason.
Any time we take a conscious action, and decide to bear the responsibility of our action, we become accountable to the most fearful of the bosses : ourselves.

When you take responsibility and bad things happen, you will judge your own action, others, often friends, will point the finger on your mistakes, and you will have to draw your own conclusion.
It is a painful process, but the price of Freedom.

When someone flees responsibilities, and bad things happen, he will judge the person who gave him orders, and if he doesn't find, he will blame weather and bad luck, "he could not help it", he will never blame his own inaction and voluntary ignorance.

When you meet someone who is teaching lessons on failures of others, or is blaming "the economy" or "weather" for his own misery, you know that your are talking to a slave.
A slave who thinks he is free even if 90% of his waking time is dictated by others.

By giving up the responsibility of our decisions, we give up our Freedom. There is no compromise to be made.

Sound money, be it gold, silver or bitcoin, is the step of monetary Responsibility and Freedom.
Bitcoin is the first money which is digital and where you also have the choice to be responsible for it.
Bitcoin is the only device into which you can store your efforts and can be traded remotely, that keep your freedom and responsibility intact.

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