Sunday, October 13, 2013

Great execution is more important than a great idea

When someone says "I already had the idea about *insert widely successful idea here*", he most likely want to prove the world how visionary he is.

To me, it clearly shows lacks of conviction, laziness, lack of courage and bad execution skill.

The culture emphasizes too much vision. The guy with the vision is most likely the CEO of the successful company, and he attracts all the attention of the media.

Unfortunately, behind the decor, it lies the day to day business, the execution of plans to go from where you are to where you want to go. It is lonely, hard, and boring to outsiders.
An idea, before being great and successful, is just an idea.
You have to work on it, everyday, not knowing if anybody will be interested, not knowing if it will be successful. This is the hardest part.

Some people are all action and no theory, others all theory and no action.
A successful entrepreneur is both theory and action.

When you don't believe in your idea enough to execute, you lack conviction.
When you fear your idea will be a failure so you don't execute, you lack courage.
When you feel it is too much work to execute the idea, you are lazy.
When your idea did not work with you, but worked with others, you lack executive skills.

This is also a note to myself.

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