Monday, September 9, 2013

Time is Life

When I don't want to spend time for something or someone, we call me lazy or antisocial.
I am not lazy. I am stingy but not lazy.

I consider time my most precious gift, and when I say that, I really mean it.
I think about the time dimension of every decision I take.
When I go shopping, I do not spend money, I spend time.
When my banker ask me to meet, I spend time.
When a friend tell me to go out for a drink, I spend time.
When I buy a cloth, I spend more time everyday to choose it among other alternatives.

Every question I ask twice waste my time.
I don't want to ask myself everyday what I will eat, or how I will dress, or when I need to pay a bill.
If I need to ask the same question multiple time,  I can automate the response by processes and habits.

Time is not refundable. Ever.

I can't control how much hour is left in my life.
But I can control the life there is in my hours. (Abraham Lincoln said something close to that)

Most people does not think that way, they say : you will have to work to get this money, and so you'll waste your time working anyway.
The difference is that their connotation of work is negative.

My work is creation, I grow every times I write a line of code, develop the curiosity of someone, or push my own.
My work adds life to my hours, and people are paying me for that !
The money I get from it is not for consuming stuff.
This money is here to develop my abilities and creativity into new ways.

When someone tells me that the most important thing in life is **** (complete by what you want), I always fear to ask : So why are you spending 3% of your time doing **** ?

I know that the response will be whatever justification of how the real world works, and that you can't get everything you want. That I am a special case living in the Wonderland because blah blah blah.
 I never agree with that because I believe our time is our own responsibility, if we justify ourselves we admit we are not responsible for our life and are nothing else but a lifeless puppet.

When we are responsible of our life, we might piss off lots of people. That's ok, it is just life that change its shape to reflect your priorities. Friction is the noise that life make when it changes its shape.

Where do you spend time ? what is your life priorities ? Do they match ? Why ?

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