Monday, September 16, 2013

Negociable Reality and Framework

Most of the concept of everyday life are part of a common "imagined reality".

Work, holiday, balance, pay-check, law, math, happiness, equality, safety, politics, money, hours, traffic, consuming, hobbits, social network, technology, judgement, religion, entertainment, good and bad.

These are all imagined reality, words whose sole purpose is to identify with our peers.
Ideas only exists in our heads, a broad reach define what we call culture and define the mass.

The more uniform the story is the more unified we are, but also less diverse.
We can ban these ideas from our head because, we are master of your mind, not judging them, just removing them from our framework.

When we are in the process of banishing these ideas it has interesting consequences.
We behave inconsistently from the point of view of the people we knew, but at the same time our landscape changes and expands. Like if we got out from the rabbit hole, it is liberating.

There is no judgement on the old ideas, and no reason I drop some of them.
But doing so is like dropping a 50 pounds bag while climbing the mountain, we feel lighter, and also enjoying again the exploration.

Here are some vocabulary that stopped existing in my framework :

Good, bad, wrong, right, entertainment, hobbits, traffic, money, safety, pay-check, life balance, work, holiday, comfort.

Instead I have :

cashflow, flexibility, freedom, liberty, growth, creating, discovery, knowledge, dream life -during sleep-, data analysis, accountability, habits, and purpose.

Freedom is doing where you want, liberty what you want, flexibility when you want.

This might change and will change, not because some other idea are more "mature" which would again imply judgment, idea I banish from my framework forever, but because I decided to explore another framework, exploring is fun.

These words define my current focus, and all my acts can only be explain through this framework.

Example : During  a trip, why  don't I sleeping at the hotel ?
1. It impacts my cashflow negatively,
2. It limits my freedom, (I need to reserve in advance)
3. It limits discovery (an hotel is an hotel, nothing new)
Yes it is more comfortable, but this is not in my framework anymore, so, irrelevant.

During a contract, why do I sleep at the hotel ?
1. My cashflow is not impacted, my contract pays the hotel (I bill additional fees)
2. My freedom, liberty and flexibility have already been impacted by the contract, nothing is left

My life follows rules of economic, but the value is not in the money but in the average of all what is in my framework.

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