Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lucid dreams and expectation

I am lucky enough to be a lucid dreamer. Not a good one, but since I trained, I can lucid dream once a month. (Great lucid dreamers can do it every night)

The key of lucid dream is self-fulfilling prophecies, the more you believe something only happen in lucid dream, the more this thing will help you to be lucid.

An example : In my lucid dreams, I never made any test on switch lights, but I read and heard that switch lights don't work correctly in dreams.
From that time, this expectation helped me to have lucid dreams, since, in my dreams, when I see a switch light not working, I become lucid. (And when I see a switch light not working in waking life, I start testing reality with other expectations)

The trick is that there is nothing true about limits of our brains that prevent switch lights from working in dreams.
Lights do not work because I expect them not to work, because I believe stories made by someone else.
Other expectations are that you can't read digit, or that your hand looks strange. This become true as soon as you read it and believe it. But these are just expectations, and if you stop believing them, then, you'll read digit in your dreams and see your hand perfectly.

I believe the trick to lucid dream is to create different expectations between dream and waking life, by repeating them in both, waking and dream life everyday, you can make the difference and improve lucidity.

Nevertheless your expectations shape both life. How interesting !

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