Friday, September 13, 2013

Hiring your company

I'm hearing here and there programmers complaining about their company.
I should feel sorry for them, but I am not, they have yet a wonderful world to discover.

All it takes is a shift of paradigm,
Developers, we are in a wonderful world, there is no craft with so much freedom.
We can work on what we want, where we want and for who we want.
I am privileged, and I'm so glad for that, I would not exchange my craft for one billion.

Knowing this fact, lead you to a complete shift in perception where complaining do not exist:
All you have to do is :

Stop believing that you are working in a company for their customers.
The reality is that you are hiring your company to search customers for you.

If that company does not reach its goal, fire it, other companies have great CV.

In this mindset, bad managers is never a problem.

The trick is to find the company that will give you leverage to grow, create, stimulate and push your limits.
And by growing I'm not talking about career ladder or paycheck.
Both of which limit you more than they help you, as soon as you are targeting them.

Climbing the career ladder and paycheck are natural side consequence of growing, you know you reach it naturally when you are not attached to your job, only to your creativity and growth.
If your company sinks or bad manager fire you, you either feel excited by new challenges or empathy, never on defensive because you have nothing to loose.

You can climb and increase paycheck artificially by targeting it, but as soon you do that you develop attachment for your job. With external attachment comes fear of loss, the most dangerous enemy with laziness of human development. It is the root of all anger.

That said, I almost never worked in a company, I hire customers and it is so fun to create with them that I almost never fired one, that's a wonderful life ! :)

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