Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't box me in, this world is my home

In a hyper connected world, your location will become less and less relevant.
And yet, most of us want a home. A place to stay, relax and be safe.

But this concept of home is an artifact from the old world.
In the old world, you had one home  and stayed there to go to work.
I don't believe a family needs to settle in a home. Only work enslaved the family to stay where it is.
But why staying at the same place when you broke this enslavement, when you can go whenever you want ?

The truth is that unlearning the old concept of home is hard. When you leave it, you feel the stress and the need to go back, like an invisible chain.
That's a feeling I want to abolish, and the reason why I like and fear at the same time traveling far away for more than 1 month.
Leaving the comfort zone is always hard, but by looking back, always worth it, never to be regretted.

I will stay, relax, be safe, make friends and works everywhere.
Don't box me in, this world is my home.

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