Monday, September 23, 2013

Don't box me in, this world is my home

In a hyper connected world, your location will become less and less relevant.
And yet, most of us want a home. A place to stay, relax and be safe.

But this concept of home is an artifact from the old world.
In the old world, you had one home  and stayed there to go to work.
I don't believe a family needs to settle in a home. Only work enslaved the family to stay where it is.
But why staying at the same place when you broke this enslavement, when you can go whenever you want ?

The truth is that unlearning the old concept of home is hard. When you leave it, you feel the stress and the need to go back, like an invisible chain.
That's a feeling I want to abolish, and the reason why I like and fear at the same time traveling far away for more than 1 month.
Leaving the comfort zone is always hard, but by looking back, always worth it, never to be regretted.

I will stay, relax, be safe, make friends and works everywhere.
Don't box me in, this world is my home.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Negociable Reality and Framework

Most of the concept of everyday life are part of a common "imagined reality".

Work, holiday, balance, pay-check, law, math, happiness, equality, safety, politics, money, hours, traffic, consuming, hobbits, social network, technology, judgement, religion, entertainment, good and bad.

These are all imagined reality, words whose sole purpose is to identify with our peers.
Ideas only exists in our heads, a broad reach define what we call culture and define the mass.

The more uniform the story is the more unified we are, but also less diverse.
We can ban these ideas from our head because, we are master of your mind, not judging them, just removing them from our framework.

When we are in the process of banishing these ideas it has interesting consequences.
We behave inconsistently from the point of view of the people we knew, but at the same time our landscape changes and expands. Like if we got out from the rabbit hole, it is liberating.

There is no judgement on the old ideas, and no reason I drop some of them.
But doing so is like dropping a 50 pounds bag while climbing the mountain, we feel lighter, and also enjoying again the exploration.

Here are some vocabulary that stopped existing in my framework :

Good, bad, wrong, right, entertainment, hobbits, traffic, money, safety, pay-check, life balance, work, holiday, comfort.

Instead I have :

cashflow, flexibility, freedom, liberty, growth, creating, discovery, knowledge, dream life -during sleep-, data analysis, accountability, habits, and purpose.

Freedom is doing where you want, liberty what you want, flexibility when you want.

This might change and will change, not because some other idea are more "mature" which would again imply judgment, idea I banish from my framework forever, but because I decided to explore another framework, exploring is fun.

These words define my current focus, and all my acts can only be explain through this framework.

Example : During  a trip, why  don't I sleeping at the hotel ?
1. It impacts my cashflow negatively,
2. It limits my freedom, (I need to reserve in advance)
3. It limits discovery (an hotel is an hotel, nothing new)
Yes it is more comfortable, but this is not in my framework anymore, so, irrelevant.

During a contract, why do I sleep at the hotel ?
1. My cashflow is not impacted, my contract pays the hotel (I bill additional fees)
2. My freedom, liberty and flexibility have already been impacted by the contract, nothing is left

My life follows rules of economic, but the value is not in the money but in the average of all what is in my framework.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Hiring your company

I'm hearing here and there programmers complaining about their company.
I should feel sorry for them, but I am not, they have yet a wonderful world to discover.

All it takes is a shift of paradigm,
Developers, we are in a wonderful world, there is no craft with so much freedom.
We can work on what we want, where we want and for who we want.
I am privileged, and I'm so glad for that, I would not exchange my craft for one billion.

Knowing this fact, lead you to a complete shift in perception where complaining do not exist:
All you have to do is :

Stop believing that you are working in a company for their customers.
The reality is that you are hiring your company to search customers for you.

If that company does not reach its goal, fire it, other companies have great CV.

In this mindset, bad managers is never a problem.

The trick is to find the company that will give you leverage to grow, create, stimulate and push your limits.
And by growing I'm not talking about career ladder or paycheck.
Both of which limit you more than they help you, as soon as you are targeting them.

Climbing the career ladder and paycheck are natural side consequence of growing, you know you reach it naturally when you are not attached to your job, only to your creativity and growth.
If your company sinks or bad manager fire you, you either feel excited by new challenges or empathy, never on defensive because you have nothing to loose.

You can climb and increase paycheck artificially by targeting it, but as soon you do that you develop attachment for your job. With external attachment comes fear of loss, the most dangerous enemy with laziness of human development. It is the root of all anger.

That said, I almost never worked in a company, I hire customers and it is so fun to create with them that I almost never fired one, that's a wonderful life ! :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Idea doesn't need owner but developers

And by developers, I don't mean software developer.
I mean people taking the idea, loving this idea, taking care of it and growing it.

Our culture put too much emphasize on who had the idea first.
This is harmful, it creates at atmosphere of suspicion and anger, energy that can be used to make the idea bigger. We are human and here to create.

If I like your idea, I breed it. It is simple as that. This is my small contribution to the world. Hopefully someone will take it from here and grows it to the next step.
I honor all former developers of the idea, its owner is a developer, no more different than others.

Monday, September 9, 2013

About muting mermaids and celebrating coffee machines

Using a carrot and a stick, compensation, prestige or whatever incentive or mermaid's song you like is considered best practice for motivating employees in an enterprise...

And yet, these are creativity killers.

Incentives talk to our primal brain, to do what someone else want.
Our primal brain wants to compare itself, measure, be noticed, and approved by other.
We can't really master completely that part of our primal brain.

That's why I think the best step for creative workers when incentives are showing up, it to mute it.
Just do not play by this game, it will kill your creativity, the greatest human specialty.

Why are these incentives killing creativity ?
Well, in fact, it is not the incentives that kill creativity, but some kind of incentives.
All incentive that have a social impact are bad.
In other words, all incentives where primary motivation is comparison with peers is bad.
It ends up creating a competitive environment. Such environment is good for manual task, but destructive for knowledge task.

Why is a competitive environment bad for knowledge tasks ?
Knowledge tasks involve creativity. That means that the path from point A to point B is unknown, and sometimes, point B is also unknown.
Creativity is what find point B and the path to it.

Where does creativity comes from ?
Creativity is the creation of ideas, and ideas are created from other ideas merging into a single mind.
It comes from dot connecting on past experience into a beautiful artifact.
So to create an idea, you need other ideas.

Where do these ideas come from ?
It comes from your own experience, the only thing that make you different from me.
And it comes from your peers talking with you at the coffee machine.

When you are in a competitive environment, and that ideas are the most precious resource odd things happen... and don't forget that ideas are easy to copy, like any data.
Peers stops talking at the coffee machine in fear that someone else reap the reward.

That's all ! when peers stop talking nat the coffee machine, innovation stops. No brainstorming session will change the game, as each participant will protect his ideas and attack others.

Make them talk at the coffee machine.

What is the alternative world view to develop creativity ?
Look at the open source world.
There is no incentive, the goal is contribution. Contribution is its own reward.

Work as in open source, not necessarily free, but where you feel you can make a contribution.
We are in this world to create only with a contribution mindset we can extend or creativity to its full power.

This idea of contribution over incentives is comes from the Art of Possibility, which I highly recommend reading... as Benjamin Zander is my favorite speaker !

Time is Life

When I don't want to spend time for something or someone, we call me lazy or antisocial.
I am not lazy. I am stingy but not lazy.

I consider time my most precious gift, and when I say that, I really mean it.
I think about the time dimension of every decision I take.
When I go shopping, I do not spend money, I spend time.
When my banker ask me to meet, I spend time.
When a friend tell me to go out for a drink, I spend time.
When I buy a cloth, I spend more time everyday to choose it among other alternatives.

Every question I ask twice waste my time.
I don't want to ask myself everyday what I will eat, or how I will dress, or when I need to pay a bill.
If I need to ask the same question multiple time,  I can automate the response by processes and habits.

Time is not refundable. Ever.

I can't control how much hour is left in my life.
But I can control the life there is in my hours. (Abraham Lincoln said something close to that)

Most people does not think that way, they say : you will have to work to get this money, and so you'll waste your time working anyway.
The difference is that their connotation of work is negative.

My work is creation, I grow every times I write a line of code, develop the curiosity of someone, or push my own.
My work adds life to my hours, and people are paying me for that !
The money I get from it is not for consuming stuff.
This money is here to develop my abilities and creativity into new ways.

When someone tells me that the most important thing in life is **** (complete by what you want), I always fear to ask : So why are you spending 3% of your time doing **** ?

I know that the response will be whatever justification of how the real world works, and that you can't get everything you want. That I am a special case living in the Wonderland because blah blah blah.
 I never agree with that because I believe our time is our own responsibility, if we justify ourselves we admit we are not responsible for our life and are nothing else but a lifeless puppet.

When we are responsible of our life, we might piss off lots of people. That's ok, it is just life that change its shape to reflect your priorities. Friction is the noise that life make when it changes its shape.

Where do you spend time ? what is your life priorities ? Do they match ? Why ?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lucid dreams and expectation

I am lucky enough to be a lucid dreamer. Not a good one, but since I trained, I can lucid dream once a month. (Great lucid dreamers can do it every night)

The key of lucid dream is self-fulfilling prophecies, the more you believe something only happen in lucid dream, the more this thing will help you to be lucid.

An example : In my lucid dreams, I never made any test on switch lights, but I read and heard that switch lights don't work correctly in dreams.
From that time, this expectation helped me to have lucid dreams, since, in my dreams, when I see a switch light not working, I become lucid. (And when I see a switch light not working in waking life, I start testing reality with other expectations)

The trick is that there is nothing true about limits of our brains that prevent switch lights from working in dreams.
Lights do not work because I expect them not to work, because I believe stories made by someone else.
Other expectations are that you can't read digit, or that your hand looks strange. This become true as soon as you read it and believe it. But these are just expectations, and if you stop believing them, then, you'll read digit in your dreams and see your hand perfectly.

I believe the trick to lucid dream is to create different expectations between dream and waking life, by repeating them in both, waking and dream life everyday, you can make the difference and improve lucidity.

Nevertheless your expectations shape both life. How interesting !