Saturday, August 17, 2013

Question, Answer and Query

I have maybe often repeated this fact over my career as a trainer :
I may know a lot about my work, I'm not here to give you answers, I will help you asking right questions and questions right.

Ask the right question to your rubber duck and you'll get the answer.
A question is the same as an answer for me, if I teach to ask questions, I teach to get answers by yourself.

But that does not mean that I don't give any response.
As google does, I always respond to rightly formulated queries.
And by rightly formulated query, I mean every search for information that could be understood by a search engine.
What is the namespace for the class File ? It is System.IO.

This is a query, a search for an information that is not stored into your mind, but you know for sure that the result exists somewhere. So I give results.

The distinction between a query and a question is not on the grammatical level.
A question is nothing but an incomplete answer, when you ask me a question, and I know that you holds all the pieces to transform it to an answer, I'll help you gather these pieces by asking more questions... until the dots connect together and the elegant solution pop into your mind.
I never give the solution because I know you already have it.

A query is a search for information, best handled by search engines, but, for your comfort, I will give you the result.

Sometimes, you have a question, but can't transform it to an answer.
This is when you need to ask the same question differently.
Do you know someone that got the solution ? Then learn his way to ask the same question, we call that an"abstraction".

Nobody knows the answer ? Invent your own abstraction, we call that "research".

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