Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Photo and memory

When I am traveling, I don't like to take lots of photo, and specially of me.
There are two purposes into taking photo :
  • Showing the world through your eyes to others,
  • Recording memory
The first purpose is a self reflective and artistic purpose, when I am taking photo, I am in this part, I want to show the world I see to my friends.
However, I had no way to express how I felt when I was lost in Tokyo with a photo -I like to be lost-, I can't express how kind people was with me, and other wonderful things I lived, I can't describe an atmosphere.
I expect an artist photograph could tell this story with a photo, but I'm not so I don't take lots of photo.

The second purpose is recording memory, and that's why most of tourists take photos during a trip.
They love taking themselves in photo to remember "I was here with these people".
I don't like these photo, because they get in the way of feeling the atmosphere an immerse into it.
It is like looking at a movie with someone asking to hit the pause button to take a photo every 5 minutes, you can't feel the movie that way because you are distracted.

They want to record it, so in 10 years, they can see themselves again how they were 10 years before. It is partially the same reason why they are using facebook.
But I don't want to see me 10 years before, and the reason might just be that I have very different belief.

The person you see on the photo 10 years younger than you is not you. I already wrote about that, we are multiple personas, and we switch persona depending on our environment, "real me" does not exist. We are all of our personas.
If you have a stable life you keep the same personas for long time, at the expense, and that's my belief, of growing.
By stable I mean doing the same things every day for years, whatever "same thing" means to you.

On the other hand, when we live new experiences, our personas are challenged, some die, some merge, some get stronger, but I believe, at the end we get an higher integrity, so we are less anxious by whatever can happen.

That person I see in the photo 10 years earlier is not me now, it is a weaker version of my old personas. 10 years after, I am a new person because I kept growing.

You can't believe at the same time that new experiences make you grow, and that you are growing by having a stable life.

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