Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Law of Attraction and 3D programming

What is the relation between law of attraction, 3D programming and physic and Futurama ?

They teach the same thing.

"The engines don’t move the ship at all. The ship stays where it is and the engines move the universe around it."

Moving the universe from your frame of reference, or moving yourself from the universe's frame of reference are the same things.

This is an alternative version of Albert Einstein asking to a train controller :
"Excuse me, does New York stop by this train?"

3D programming courses teaches you how you can change your frame of reference (also called space) of a 3D scene, so you can simulate camera, perpective, and lot more.
In such course, you learn that 3D object modelist are working in a frame of reference, also called the "object space", where you locate things in a 3D world relative to your objects.
There is the "world space" where you locate things according to a fixed point in the world.
There is the "view space" that locate things according to an observer (also called camera).
There is the "Projection space" where you locate things according to the observer but with a transformation that to make things more human. (ie, near objects are bigger than far objects)

There is no such things as "Real space", "world space" is no more real than others, 3D programming teaches you that you can move from one space to another only by using matrices.

So within your ship you can say : "Engines moves the universe" or "Engines move the ship" depending on your frame of reference. There is no religion involved in that.

For most people, this has no practical value... but this fact made 3D programming so much simpler ! We would not have been where we are without this powerful idea.

Now how is it related to the Law of Attraction ?

Because people mistake Law of Attraction with belief and religion, only because some authors use esotheric terms like vibration, wave, or quantum analogies.
Also, they say that there is no scientific evidence of its reality.
Using pseudo science to describe the law of attraction is misleading and dubious.
You can criticize their explanation but this does not reject the Law of Attraction.

"You think different, but hey, money is not coming by itself to my postal box just by thinking about it right ?"

The myth is that Law of attraction is not about magic power, law of attraction is about learning how to see the world from your own frame of reference, and taking control of it.

If you are a developer like me, then you are more sensible seeing a blue screen of death on a terminal in public space like airport. Some people will not see it.

If you are a fireman, you'll smell fire faster and instinctively more often than other people.

From the "world" frame of reference, sure, being a fireman does not increase the chance of fire, and being a developer does not increase the chance of computer crash.

But from your frame of reference, this is not true. Knowing more about software increase the chance of provoking a blue screen.
And being a fireman increase the chance of fire.

The world reference is not more real than your frame of reference.
Both are just different frame of reference, and you can take one or the other depending on your need.

If you want to make accurate predictions in the world's frame, you need to measure from world frame, your thought will not alter the measures you take in the world's frame.

If your goal is to be happier, then you need to acknowledge that happiness is a concept that only exist in your own frame, world does not care, and if you want to change your happiness you need to change your own frame. And only thought can change your frame.
So by having happy thought you will change your own frame of reference, because you'll be more receptive to happy signals, exactly the same way a fireman smells fire.

Law of attraction is not a question of belief, it is about clearly understanding what depends on your frame of reference and what depends on the world's frame.
If you are not wealthy, thinking about wealth will make you more likely to spot opportunity of wealth, from your frame it will appear wealth are attracted to you. In the same way as the engine will move the universe. And in the same way, snow flakes move horizontally as you drive.

This is not an impression, an illusion or a distortion of reality, just a different frame of reference.

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