Saturday, May 11, 2013

Work and Entertainment

Work is the refuge of the enchained mind for the dream of someone else.
Entertainment is the refuge of the free mind without any dream.

Flow is the state to be. Full immersion for your own dream.

I got something wrong.
When procrastinating, I advised to change habits so procrastination comes with frictions, for example:
  • Don't remember password to connect to your mailbox,
  • Use a complex password for facebook, hidden in a deep folder of your computer, don't remember the password,
  • Cut off internet
This might work on the short term, the problem is that the mind will always find other distractions.

Another solution is to acknowledge the problem : The world is a direct reflection of your mind, if you are procrastinating, it is because your mind has no goal, or an unclear one, so it try to find one.

Once you understand that, time is to meditate to empty this distracted mind.
Once it is quiet, time is to write down your dream, slowly focusing on its details, until you get an action plan.

Then the mind will feed with this action plan, and you'll be in flow again totally immersed and happy, traveling to your dream at full speed... until you have no more action in your plan.

Then repeat.

Working is the act of consuming the action plan of others.
While it keeps the mind far from distractions, it leaves you with a feeling of emptyness.

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