Thursday, May 23, 2013

There is no such thing as reality

My life is somewhat different from my friends.
I sleep and wake up when I want, I don't have a boss, I have greatest customers ever, and don't pay anything for my office and place of living, and if I don't feel working... I don't.

Life is easy.
Then once in a while I hear from them : this is not reality, this is not the real life.
Which we end up arguing over choice and freedom.

How do you define reality ?
Most of them intuitively defend it that way : I live in reality, and you don't, so you can't have any idea about what choice led me to be where I am.

But reality is nothing else than perception of where you live, not only through senses, but also, and more than everything, through your ideas.

Your reality determines who you are, your reality determine the events that will impact your behavior and well being.

As we can't control what our senses are sending to our brain, we can control our ideas, and thus control reality.
This is radical sort of thinking, for people that think there is an universal reality. There is not.

This is crucial to be aware when we are in control of our reality and when it is imposed upon us.
Financial crisis, war, political scandals ? I don't care... well I don't even hear about them since I'm not reading the news. Why ? Because it's not my reality, it is their.

On the other hand, I'll be the first to know when fiscality impacts my bottom line.

This is all a matter of defining what should be in your reality, and what does not, all about finding the dividing line. There are things you can change, other you can't (fact), and other you don't care (noise).
Now decide which category everything belongs to before someone else do.


  1. you might want to check out some of the messages bashar is providing -

  2. I'm following your blog, and I am not a big fan of Bashar, he seems like a sect guru for me. (Nothing negative from that, official religions are as much sect to me than him, and I think, while not believing in any religion, than each of them can preach precious ideas)

    His vision of "own reality", that I share with him, I got it from
    two books and one experience : Think and Grow rich, and also another book I unfortunately lost in the deep end of my hard drive.

    The experience was about a perfect vivid and conscious 100% lucid dream.
    Even more vivid than real life. People, architecture, 5 senses, coherency all was exactly the same.

    While waking up I wondered what is "real world" any different than my "dream world" ?

    The law of attraction made me see that the only difference is in order of time.
    In the dream world, I could create object out of thin air instantly. While in real world we are bound to longer time span through, but eventually everything comes true with law of attraction.

    I consider this as a sort of own religion and don't believe in any comparison with quantum mechanic, god, UFO or parallel universe that Bashar can say.
    But I accept that if I chose to believe I will find evidence it does exist, just as much religious people hear voices because they believe god exists, just as much as I will find proof it does not exist if I reject it. (Rejecting != not believing)
    All is part of what I consider "own reality", proofs appear from our reality, not from an external, universal one.