Friday, May 10, 2013

The mind, a glass to fill

Our unique skill is to create ideas.
By instinct the mind fill with ideas so it can create new ones.

The mind is like a glass that need to be filled with water, the mind fears the void, a mind can't fill become crazy.
That's why some political prisoner can read books several times in their cell. The mind needs to be filled by whatever mean to keep its sanity.

We can't change this fact.
Meditation do not change that.
Meditation can only empty the glass, and as soon as you drop your concentration, the mind naturally fill in with new ideas.

The mind will immediately fill with ideas coming from your senses.
Resisting poisonous idea coming through your senses demand self-control.
And self-control is a limited supply your get each day after sleeping.

Instead of wasting your self-control, you can modify your habit to move your sense where clean ideas are.

The habit of most people, after a long day of hard work, is to turn on television.
Television is filled in its biggest part with hatred, jaelousy, and scandals.
But at the end of the day no self-control is left to resist these bad emotions and they make their way in the glass.

On the other hand, clean ideas are filled with curiousity, compassion and empowerment.
Clean ideas never complain about how bad are things, clean ideas think about how you can make things better. This is a totally different point of view that remove all trace of hatred and weakness.
Ted Talks are obviously a great place with clean ideas.

Most of the times the communities you belongs to are filled with clean ideas.

At everytime, the world is exactly the same as the content of your glass.
If it looks miserable, there is too much dirty water in it.

Empty your glass. (meditation)
Change your habits so you are more exposed to the sources of clean waters. (Most likely, other clean mind)

Sleeping do not replace meditation.
Sleeping does not empty your glass.
Sleeping will repair your body, and fill your self-control, but will never empty your mind.

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