Saturday, April 6, 2013

The survival instinct and creativity

The only thing that differentiate human from other animals is one trait : Creativity.
Emotions are not specific to humans, whatever any great poems can tell us, creativity is the only trait.

How to define creativity ?
Creativity is not the act to create.
Monkeys can create simple tools to solve simple problems, but can we say that they are creative ?

Creativitiy is the act to create ideas.
And an idea is a product of one's mind, than can spread and survive beyond its creator.

The lifetime of an idea is dissociated from its creator. In the move V for Vendetta the introduction says, "we can cry the death of a man, but not his ideas. You can't kill an idea."

Painting is creative, the canva will survive the death of its author and in turn, influences other authors.
Entrepreneurship is creative, because a business will continue to survive beyond its founders.
Cooking is creative, a great recipe will spread its reputation in a culture.
Programming is creative, a program style will influence other programmers.

Canvas, businesses, recipes, programs, are the mediums of ideas, not the ideas.
They help spreading it, they are physical representation of these, so other people can get the idea, these are just recorders. Ideas live in the minds of people.

I have the highest values on the people that fight for ideas.
Even if they killed people, even if based on my judgement they are wrong, even if ideas are manipulated, they are the most human people. No animal fight for idea.
You can dismiss their idea, but you can't dismiss they behave more humanly than anyone.

I have the highest value on the people that created the idea.
The source of idea is the one worth reading, and also every his followers that do it for the sake of this idea. Every followers doing it for any other reason than the idea itself are driven by emotion, not by any human trait. We call them man of conviction or stubborn.

On the other hand, another well known trait we inherited from lizards is the survival instinct.
When an organization is over concerned by his own survival, the lizard brain spread into the culture, acting like one big lizard, and poisoning people mirroring the organization.
People fear, protect and flee instead of being creative, they loose their humanity.
The price of loosing creativity is despair. We get the same despair as we have when some of our emotions are not satisfied, but most people don't pinpoint it to this cause. They slowly die because they are not creating, their human mind dying since they don't use it.

The survival instinct is indispensable for our defense in hostile environment, our creativity is indispensable for our humanity. When people act for fear of loosing their jobs, saving, house or whatever, the survival instinct is speaking. Because, in our society, the symbol of survival is money.
In these terms, our world is currently hostile.

But Internet came in, and now ideas spread faster than never.
It empowered creativity because a new idea is nothing but a merge of several ideas into one's mind. When any idea merge with ideas from the laws of money, a new idea is born, and its physical representation is called a business.

No jobs, no house, no saving become important.
Thanks to the laws of money a business attracts money, so we can devote our energy to raise its idea without the survival instinct devoring our humanity.

This way of thinking solve our survival instinct and creativity into a nice equation.

That's why I am creating a business : it is a physical representation of what IT training should looks like that also attract money to it.
I fight for this idea since my lizard brain lastely shut off, but I need to attract money to it so the lizard brain will stays quiet, so I can continue to fuel this idea.
Why doing that ? Because that is the definition of creativity, it is the only thing that animal can't do, and, the most enjoyable activity.

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