Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Speaking about convictions

There is different level of discussion,

The first level is about weather, superficial, and safe,
No information gained, looking up is enough to see clouds, so talking is pretty much useless, but no war begans because of weather.

The highest level is about convictions, deep, and dangerous,

Convictions are powerful ideas that drive our behavior while making us more human.
Without conviction, we are as good as a fish in a bowl fighting for survival and security.
Without conviction, the lizard brain drives our life.
Only human can behave for an idea.

Conviction is an idea that make someone do what he does for its own sake.

Killing a conviction, can kill a man, so the lizard brain protects it,  by fighting and escaping.

However, talking about convictions should not be avoided, you can't understand a person until you know what is driving him.

What must be avoided is awakening a lizard brain.

But as we speak about conviction to someone without doing any judgement, with a curious, open mind and deep trust, his survival brain goes to sleep, and we can get insight from his most important persona. This is the best food of our mind, and the best way to understand someone.

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