Sunday, April 21, 2013

Responsability and delegation

A basic problem with bad manager is that they think about adding man power so they can delegate their responsabilities to someone else so they can accomplish more.

But we can't delegate responsabilities.
We can give new responsabilities to someone so it helps meeting ours, but we can't transfer ours to someone else.

Transfering our responsability is fleeing,
Transfering our responsability is making a promise on behalf of someone else.

Once we make a promise, we are the only one that should make sure we meet it.
There is nothing bad into asking people to make promise to us, so it helps us fullfilling ours.
But that is different promises.

Telling : I could not do what I said because X did not blahblah is always a bad excuse.
It is the sign of someone who does not admit he brokes his promise.

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