Monday, April 29, 2013

Books : Business & money

Books are the oldest support for ideas, and it will stay for long.

In an era where everything is digital and ephemeral, books can stay on your shelf and remind you the origin of ideas that makes who you are. It creates a base that does not move.
With this plateform, you can observe change and use it at your advantage instead of being carried away by the stream.

The creative mind is just a place where idea are in conflict and then fusion to give birth to new ones.

Creativity is not a choice, it is a reflex of our brain fired by accepted but conflicting idea.

With no plateform, ideas come in and out from your mind, thus diminishing idea conflict without which, you can't be creative.

That's why I consider reading and keeping track of what you read should be a top priority for everyone and this habit is programmed inside my list on rememberthemilk : I give my money one time every 3 month for 3 books on amazon.

That's why I prefer book that digital information, and why I store quotes and every great articles in Evernote. They are a plateform that constantly remind me ideas that was once in my mind.

Some of the books are uncorrelated, because it is the easiest way to create new idea.
Pollenizing and connecting the dots is how we create unique ideas.

Here are the list of one that changed me in some ways.


It explained me what make people feeling great at their workplace. It speaks not only about material tips, but also habits of the company that can poison its people.

Permission Marketing, Linchpin, The dip by Seth Godin

Well, Seth Godin wrote a lots of book, but they essentially explain the same idea about making things happen, and how ideas can spread, how much they can/should spread depending on the market, and how to be remarkable in business.

Lucid Dream

A french book about lucid dream, the book is not very good, but I talk about it because lucid dreams (knowing in a dreaming that you are dreaming) changed profoundly how I see the world. Once you get a lucid dream, you are simply amazed beyond imagination of the power of our mind. Inception is a pale imitation of what happen when you are conscious and fully vivid in your dream.
Lucid dream shaped how I see the world, so I cite this book that remind me this fact.

The E-Myth revisited

Thanks to this book, you will stop seeing your business as a technician, but as a business man.
Your business is not a place where you work, the business is your product.
When you push that idea farther, you'll see that the everyday life services you are using are application of this idea. It explains a lot about how big businesses works and see the world.
How it changed my view of the world : Mc Donald's goal is not sell hamburger. Mc Donald's goal is to open more Mc Donald.

Think and Grow Rich, Today we are rich, The richest man in babylon

Once you read this book, you'll understand that money does not make your rich.
Instead, being rich is a mindset that attract money.
That's why winning 1 million at the Lottery is not a dream. Earning 1 million is.
Winning at the lottery does not make you rich, but once you earn your first million, you can burn it, you'll stay rich because you know how to attract money like a magnet.

Unfair advantage, the new 8 rules of money from Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki seems like an infomercial guy, but his message is not scam, and, as the previous books, change your vision of money.
The idea is that people are focusing too much about how much money they have in their bank account, and how to protect and grow it. The problem with that is that it is easy to think that without money first, you can't be rich, and, moreover, by not educating yourself, you are giving your money to hands you don't know, that may have not your best intention in mind.
Robert idea is that people should focus on where the money flow and how to change this flow, instead of accumulating it mindlessly. You can make your money to work for you only if you are educated enough to understand how the money is flowing. If you don't, other people will take your money to work for them.

Reality Check from Guy Kawasaki, Startup weekend, Lean startup

Put your feet on earth, by focusing on what is really important for your startup : Shipping.
It also explain you what a banker thinks, and what an investors think so you can adapt your pitch depending on the person you are talking with.
Key ideas :
  • Some people can be interested in your business, and not in your product, spot them and adapt your pitch.
  • Ship, test, refine, ship, test, refine, ship, test, refine, ship, test, refine, scale.

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