Friday, March 22, 2013

The decision maker, the coward, and the caveman

There is four types of people on the internet : The guy for, the guy against, the guy that does not know, and the guy that does not care.

Culture says that : The guy against is Nazi, the guy for is naive or fanboy, the guy that does not know is balanced, and the guy that does not care lives in a cave.
So sure, everybody wants to be balanced.

But here is the truth, being balanced means two things :
  • Either your knowledge is so great that you can't make an informed decision, based on the input you got from the problem.
  • Or you want to calm down the war, feel cool, and tell your word to the world without being fanboy, Nazi or caveman, or you just fear decisions, in other word a coward.
Both, the guy for and the guy against are very interesting people. They can tell you exactly why they feel what they feel without any fear of political sanction.
Most of the time, these guys know a lot about their respective field, and defends what is feeding their wallet, brain and stomach. You can get a lot from them.
They are both decision makers.

The guy that says it depends... not every times. Is he able to ask you about what information does he needs to make a decision ? If not, it is just a coward, and you can get nothing from him.

Thus now, in my scale, it exists three types of people on the internet :  The decision maker, the coward, and caveman.

PS: despite I call him caveman, there is nothing wrong with him ! :)

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