Thursday, March 7, 2013

Non-Self contained abstraction

My previous post talked about self contained abstraction.

But a second kind of abstraction exists : Non-Self contained abstractions.
We also call it extensions.

The utilisation of extensions need that you understand the layer below, an extension is not a self contained abstraction.

If I take the car tuning. Tuning are just extensions to the car, but to make tuning possible, you also have to understand the car internals abstraction and it defines the internals of what is a suspension, an engine, tire and sway bars.
Tuning is itself an abstraction it define strut bars, spoiler, and body kit, for example. But you can't use anything of this abstraction if you don't know the car abstraction first.

For developers, extensions are what controls suite in WPF are to WPF. You need to understand both, the abstraction of the controls suite and the abstraction of WPF to make use of the controls in the suite.

PS: I know nothing about car tuning, a quick search on wikipedia gave me the vocabulary of these abstractions.

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