Thursday, March 7, 2013

Knowledge acquisition is the new golden stream

A job is not important anymore.
Nor Knowledge is.
Knowledge acquisition is the new golden stream.

Someone can fire you from a job.
But nobody can take your knowledge... or can it ?
The product of time and innovation kills knowledge.
Time is constant but innovation constantly growing.

Thus, if time and innovation kill your knowledge, what is left for you ?

Knowledge acquisition, or the speed at which you can keep up absorbing the right knowledge for the right use is now the new ultimate weapon.

It takes both curiosity and goal, self learning is not anymore optional. The knowledge of what an abstraction is, is essential.

The realization of this fact has the following consequences :
Keep learning, and so one has the power to take your freedom, unless you permit it.
Keep learning, and embrace and accept changes as an inevitable consequence of innovation.

Innovation and time can kill big fishes, and it is killing the ignorant.
Nobody can do the push up for them, and nobody can do them for you.
Never so much power have been in our own hands.

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