Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google Reader killed... are you kidding ?

Google and Microsoft want to be like Apple and Facebook : Don't please someone, please everyone !

They are all in a phase of integration, instead of diversification in the name of simplicity.
But over generalization is as bad as over specialization.

In other word, the only guy that these companies wants to pleased is called everyone.
And now they are just telling to the guy called someone to do like everyone does and just shut up.

They started by making sharing feeds on google reader harder by integrating G+ on google reader. (so much harder than I just stopped sharing)
And now they are calling blogs dead... just follow google+.
So now, I'm just not using their product anymore. (Thanks FeedDemon)

Both companies are killing their best product just because everyone is not using it...
For Microsoft it was Silverlight, windows desktop and XNA for HTML5. All great products.
Are they all getting mad ?
Who is pulling the strings ?
Who is brain washing these leaders into followers ?

If everyone is not calling them leaders, does not means that someone did not think it.
Now both everyone and someone are convinced that they are like a captain of a ship without sail bragging orders during the storm... Just powerless.

They now look like our politicians making fun of the competition, while doing exactly the same things as them. Different terms, same idea, same strategy.

It reminds me when IBM made Apple believe than closing their systems was better, then switching their strategy once they believed it. Who will be the first to diversify again ?

The diversification and generalization cycle is common to the life of all organism, company, market, or people are alike. These companies are now in the middle of the integration phase, and that's not a good time for geeks like me !


  1. note:
    Nick Bradbury: it's time for FeedDemon to die.

    1. Holy cow, FeedDemon relies on reader, I did not know.
      What do you use for your feeds ?
      Maybe a quick way to make a fortune is to make a google reader replicate ;(

    2. Trying my best to use feedly but it annoys me with featured articles, bogus white space and laggy behavior.

      I am thinking about "a reader in your phone". Want to team up to explore that concept? I bring JSC. :)

    3. Oh and a very important aspect for the feed reader I am thining of: discussions. I really liked the way I could send a feed item as an email with inline text. The thing I missed is an overview. For example if I formulate it as a task I would like it to show up on my dashboard.

  2. ... a 3D/WebGl based feed reader.. for graphic interactive 3D content.
    and gephi like network analysis diagrams...

    what happend to cooliris? it was the media rss reader.

    1. Reader in my phone ? I hate reading on my phone ! :p
      Hey for 3D stuff, you can explore a Leap motion 3D compatible RSS reader ( I recieved one for free because I'm developer, much fun !!
      I imagine that's even bettter for people that know 3D programming. :))

    2. Leapmotion is coming. They say that waving your hands make you tired. Tom Cruise in Minority Report had to take breaks to film it all! Lets wait and see whats the user reaction.

      By phone I meant it will serve as a personal internet cache, your agent, always with you wherever you travel. You can connect to it from any laptop and it will synchronize feeds for you.

      Regular Chrome Packaged Applications cannot yet do LAN WebService discovery. Once I find a way I will want to try this idea out. :) And I will find a way!

    3. It is the same problem with touch on a computer...
      Using mouse (trackpoint for me), make you less tired.

      But that is important only if you need to make intensive use of it. And that is only true for desktop work... where the mouse is always the most appreciated device.

      I think there are stuff to do in 3D modeling with it. making a pot with your hand is always easier than with computer for now. (In fact, that's why leapmotion creators were inspired)

      I hope the replacement of our current phones will be an Armband in screen paper ( with a leapmotion. :)))