Friday, March 15, 2013

Fear of loss at your advantage

Like me, you don't like losing money... but you don't mind if you miss earning it.

Losing money make your mind believe that you missed a cultural responsability which is to keep your own money safe.
On the other hand, not earning money is something out of or control. (or more exactly it is what our mind believe)

That's why you are pissed by a pickpocket who steals 20 euros from your pocket, but don't really mind this highly hidden tax you don't really understand decided by your government.
You think you are not responsible of the money you have not earned.

You can leverage this brain's bug at your advantage.

Example :

I know that if I learn about some web design, I'll make money because my sales skills will improve.
However, I'm not motivated to do it... because I just miss earning money, I'm not loosing anything.

Solution :

I pay to pass a certification in Web development (HTML5/CSS and javascript) in 2 weeks for 200$. Now the odd is different : If I don't learn about this new skill... I loose my own money !
Guess what ? Deadline + Responsability = Action.

Fear of loss is a powerful motivator. Just make sure all variables depend on you.

Controlling your mind is hard, setting up the environment to force it to go where you want to go is easier.

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