Sunday, March 17, 2013

Be the master of commitments and paperwork

I used to be scared about paperwork...
With good reason ! More paperwork means more commitment to take track of... and my brain, my friend will tell you, is a plain black hole.

When I started my first company, paperwork flooded me, and I tried to delegate that to my associates.
I was fleeing responsabilities.

Then, one day, in an airport in Tokyo, waiting for my plane, I read Getting things done by David Allen.
I'll be clear : this is not the best book I enjoyed in my life, but that's certainly the one that made the most impact.

Getting things done is not about technology, it is about organization.

It made me see something : Great achievers, don't have more space in their brain, they just have a better system to keep up with commitments.

Then I started organizing my desktop... and one day I searched about how to become entirely "paper less".
What I am going to show you are the 4 things that changed my life forever.
And I'm not talking about the professional side, these things make my mind restfull as much as meditation, these tools are parts of my whole life.
I would feel like if someone cut a part of my body if one of these services goes down.
Now whatever document you ask me, I can get it in less than 5 min, with my phone or computer.

With Scansnap, I just have one button to push to scan a document and send it to Evernote.
This is the only scanner that has such integration with Evernote.

Scansnap scans my documents, recognizes characters, transforms into PDF, send to evernote.
Then evernote index it... And sometimes, I give one or two tags depending on the document. (invoice, order, bank stuff, training stuff)

Now when I'm going into my bank for opening a new account, and they ask me a paper I don't have on me because they want to earn some time, I just ask :
  • What is your email ?
Use evernote on my phone, get the document, and send by mail... without going back to home.
  • Ok now you have it.
My life is paperless,and all my commitments are kept up as long as I noted it in remember the milk.
I have total peace of mind, and feel like I can handle 10 times more commitments I currently have.

This system is as important as parts of my body, I would feel handicaped without it, it is a part of my life, an extension of me.

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