Thursday, February 7, 2013

The power of Lucid Dream on learning and habits

Lucid dream, or the power to be conscious in our dream might happen just by chance, you can train to do it, and maybe, like some people, do them one by night.

Depending on the degree of lucidity, your dream might seems more real than real life, except you have the power on everything, dream character seems real, and can discuss with you.
And pushed to the extrem, some people just think of their dream as a second reality.

Despite the fact that you have all power you want inside, it is not the reason why I pursue it.

The real two powers is that :
  • Creativity and imagination is unleashed. (If you don't know why, back in school, you were able to solve math problem just by sleeping on it, you will understand why)
  • You can question your subconscious about your habits and break them, or form new one.
You can see it like a shortcut of shu ha ri or subconscious learning as I called it.

It has the same result without the repetition step.

Some people practice sport in their lucid dream. Part of Golf is about repetition of the perfect movement, for the same reason of martial art : Letting the subconscious do the work, Lucid dream being a direct access to subconscious, it is a very effective way to learn this kind of thing.

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