Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How to become a self-employee ?

The world outside is a reflection of the world inside, what we call real world is nothing but a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs.

As in every change becoming self-employee is possible only if current belief and thoughts also change. And here are the main beliefs that employees becoming self-employee should understand:

You are not asking for job.
You are proposing your help.

You don't work for him.
You work with him.

You do not implement his solution.
You are his solution.

You are not serving his customers.
You are helping him to serve his customers.

They don't raise.
You increase rates.

Experience is not in your vocabulary.
Self-learning, portfolio and reputation is.

Your security is not your job.
Your security is your reputation, network, knowledge, and flexibility.

Customer is not king.
Your time is king.

No customers can be worthier than your time.
No money is worthier than your time.
But some people can be more than just customers.
They are ones worth keeping and ones worth more than your time.

My result as a self employee is a reflection of these beliefs. Not the other way around.

As I aspire to become entrepreneur, my beliefs need to change again, but that make a good reminder.

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