Friday, February 22, 2013

Freinet Method

I had the pleasure to read about the Freinet teaching method.
It corresponds almost exactly to what I called before "Conscious learning".

It emphasizes questioning, exploration, and experimentation over responses.

Also Célestin Freinet redacted some invariants on children,

"The child has the same nature as the adult"
These invariant, are true for adults too, any deviation probably means you are living for something else.

"Gaming and fun is not natural to the child, work is"
You don't have to force someone to work, given its own exploration path, he will move forward by himself.

"We prepare tomorrow's democracy in the country with today's democracy at school. Authoritative school can't train democratic citizen."
If we teach children to obey and don't question, we teach them to follow authoritative leaders.

"The child don't like to work and obey like a robot. He like individual work and cooperative communities"
As a developer, I am amazed about how great the open source community is. No master work for its own sake because its one own path.

"Acquisition are not made through study of rules and laws, but with experience. Learning rules and laws first is like putting the cart before the horse."
From questions come responses. Rules and laws are tools to give responses... but first you have to ask a good question. You will acquire knowledge with experience at applying those rules on your own questions.

I won't be able to apply such principle to children, but that's definitively what I am doing during training... Helping to ask right questions, so rules and laws are easily discoverable by themselves and then acquired through experience.

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