Thursday, February 7, 2013

Expert Syndrome And Knowledge Diagram

The first training I gave was in my own school to 80 students. I was bad. Really bad.

But by looking back, I am conscious of my weakness. This is what I call the Expert Syndrome.

It happens when we are not anymore conscious of our skill because we practice them everyday.
We practice them enough that most of our skill moved to the subconscious world, we code and solve problems by reflex. This is what I called subconscious learning. It happens with repeated practice.

When an expert gives his first training to amateur, the following happens in his head :
"Why do they understand nothing ?  Because they are not listening me ! Why are they not listening ? Because they are lazy !"

Part of it might be true, but guess what : A great teacher is great enough so that people not only love what he teaches, but continue to practice for no apparent reward, for its own sake.
The great teacher gives intrinsic motivation.

There is four types of knowledge:

The one we know that we know.
The one we know that we don't know.
The one we don't know that we know.
The one we don't know that we don't know.

The problem of the expert, is that there is a mountain of knowledge he doesn't know that he knows.
If the expert wants to get attention of the amateur, he needs to move this knowledge from the "doesn't know that he knows" type to the "knows that he knows" type, so he can teach the missing part that the amateur "doesn't know he doesn't know".

Here is a summary of my last observations on knowledge acquisition :
The subconscious never forgets.The conscious will. A bachelor can fall back to professional without practice.
The expert can fallback to does not know he knows if he stops teaching.
But no expert can fallback, once you learnt how to ride a bike, you will always be able to do it.
The worse for the expert is knowledge obsolescence.
The expert never die but his subject can.

Curiously, once conscious of our ignorance, we never forget it.
I already learnt differential in math classes. I was a Bachelor. I forgot differential, but I know that I don't know differential, and I know I can use google to get back in the Bachelor state.

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