Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Work-Life Balance Bullshit

Our social environment teaches us that life is divided in two parts. The professionnal and the personal life.
This begin from school where your world is divided between school and house. And, as most of us, you did not like school.

By extension, it taught to your subconscious mind that your time should be divided in two parts : the "good part", and the "bad part" that is necessary to make a living.

Lie, lie, lie. This lie will trick your mind to hate your work, whatever how good it is. And it will trick your mind to love your leisure time, whatever the crap that is printing in your head.

You have the responsability to make your life great whatever the time of the day it is.
No one should make you believe that you need to do something you don't want because that is the way life is. This can be his life, but it is not yours. He just messed up his life, but you won't.

I have the chance to be free of my time, and at first I thought that working less (and getting more leisure time) would be great for me. That's wrong.
Being bored is as bad as getting burnt out. There is no separation between work and leisure both can be great or just crap.

What make your imagination flourish will make your life better. Curiosity is the process of feeding imagination from others (or nature) idea.
Work or leisure ? No such things should exist.
The only two way to spend your time is : Let your imagination shines or let your mind rot... Both "Home" and "work" should be the support that help to make your imagination shine.

We live in a splendid era. Imagination was never so much valued, knowledge is nothing but a raw material for imagination. Idea, the product of imagination, was never able to spread so fast, and bring so much money to the creative person.
Creativity is not reserved to art, your whole life should support this creativity.

We got a brain for this life, it is our responsability to use it to it's fullest.
That's a shame that most of people waste it, and kill it passed the sixth birthday.

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