Friday, January 25, 2013

Learning to learn

I always try to teach to my students to ask the right question, I never care about a right response.
In fact, most of the time asking for response is only a trick for the trainer to engage the audience... not really to make them progress directly.

Why ? Because nowadays a well formulated question always bring up the right response in Google.

Development newbies often wonders how I remember so much thing about development. I don't.
The memory is only in my fingertips muscle, or in Google... I have very bad memory.

I know the right vocabulary, so I know how to ask the right questions. Having asked lots of question during my career as programmer, I can infer response I did not know or never seen.

That bring me to the first tip I tell to new students in programming :

"You have OOP courses, and we will use technology X to train the principles.
The goal of this course is not to learn technology X, and the goal is not to learn OOP for its own sake, you are here to learn to learn by yourself any other technology that use OOP on earth."

When they ask me a question about technology X, I train them to ask me the right question in OOP term.
Once they asked me the right question : first I give them the response, second, I copy/paste the question in Google and with amazement they find what I said, with even more details.

Now asking question is harder than giving response... too bad that schools teach the latter.

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