Sunday, December 2, 2012

Community that leave the comfort zone

In an extract from Flow from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi , you will find a description given by Richard Kool, about how an Indian tribes of British Columbia lived :

     The Shushwap region was and is considered by the Indian people to be a rich place: rich in salmon and game, rich in below-ground food ressources such as tubers and roots -a plentiful land. In this region, the people would live in permanent village sites and exploit the environs for needed resources. They had elaborate technologies for every effectively using the resources of the environment, and perceived their lives as being good and rich.
Yet, the elders said, at times the world became too predictable and the challenge began to go out of life. Whithout challenge, life had no meaning.
     So the eldes, in their wisdom, would decide that the entire village should move, those moves occurring every 25 to 30 years. The entire population would move to a different part of the Sushwap land and there, they found challenge. There were new streams to figure out, new game trails to learn, new areas where the balsamroot would be plentiful.
Now life would regain its meaning and be worth living. Everyone would feel rejuvenated and healthy. Incidentally, it also allowed exploited resources in one area to recover after years of harvesting...

As most fear changes, and fight for status quo, they forget that growth is multiplied in the unknown.
As some fear the unknown, this is the only place that help to stretch the mind.
The mind is lazy, socially and genetically programmed.  Burning safety boat, and leaving comfort zone is the only way to make it grows.

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