Saturday, November 17, 2012

Time and money are nothing

I'm free of my time, earn good money, do not depend on a single revenue stream, and I can earn money anywhere there is internet. And yet, life is not better because of this.

Most of people want to work so they can retire and do what I do now... They are wrong, their life will not be better.

My explanation is that we are very similar to ants : We are social worker, we need to work for communities.
My everyday joy is spreading knowledge to the developer community. My list of article on codeproject is my greatest pride.

When you rest and procrastinate, boredom will get you.
When you work for money, and not for a community, boredom will get you.

We are social workers, as ants are. Remove either the social or worker part and boredom will get you. This seems hardwired into us, and no amount of money, freedom, and luxury can change it.

That's why the culture in a business is so important. The culture transform business to community. Stronger the sense of unity, higher is happiness of members. That sounds like almost as a sect, but they are using the same ingredient to inspire their members.

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