Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Flow and feedback

Nature is tough. Why does immediate gratification is seen as a bad thing ? And why should we always be patient for the good things ?

Why am I so tempted to check youtube now instead of developping my business ?

The reason is simple, our mind flow where there is the most feedback.
Youtube is immediate feedback, you click, you see the video.
A video game is immediate feedback, each action will cause a reaction.
Open facebook, and you see all these news on your friends.

Why these things are so addictive ? Because our mind search to attain flow.

Flow is the mental state you experience when you are so focused on something that time and your body seems to disappear.

Flow happens when your mind is too occupied to care about your environment, and it happen thanks to the constant feedback of the task.

Immediate gratification is not a bad things, you can use the same principle on any activity that make you grow.
If you want to stop procrastinating, just ask you this question : How to produce constant feedback when working on my task ?

In software development test driven development is a powerful method that will keep your from procrastinate.

If you want to be fit, how can you create more feedback during physical exercice ?
If you want to expand your knowledge, how will you use it for immediate result ?

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