Monday, October 29, 2012

How to live 15 months per year

I like arguing with people about the usefulness of cars. That's because I have no permit, and don't want to have one, so here is my favorite argument.

-How much time in car do you spend per day to go to work ?
-Are you getting paid for this time ?
-No, but my company pays transport fees
-Ok so let's do the math. 2H per work day in a month is about 20 * 2 = 40H spent in your car, freely given to your company to go to work.  40H is approximately how much time you are really working in a week.

If you were using this time to do something else, you would earn 1 week per month. For 12 months, you earn 12 weeks, or 2 month, so in total you will have 15 months per year.

What can you do with 2 months, just for yourself per year ?

The problem with this argument is that few people is able to give a response.
So I ask, what will you do when you retire ? And most of the time, there is no response, because they never thought about it. This make me really sad, but I prefer to not talk about it when I'm arguing.

The best answer is : If I was in retirement, I would do what I do now.
Anything less is having a miserable life, anything less is delegating the important choices of your life to your boss or whoever will decide for you, and ultimately giving the key of your happiness to people that don't know you.

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