Thursday, September 27, 2012

It crashes... That's interesting

Nobody likes when your program crashes right ?
Well, sometimes I'm angry, and sometimes I find bugs very interesting.

If you don't  how things work, you don't want to touch it because you are afraid to make it crashes.

I have another approach : If I don't know why something is useful for, I delete it.
Why is that ? Because the program will then crash.
Why do I want to make it crashes ? Because I will figure out something new : for what the object I deleted why useful for.
Why do I want to know why it was useful for ? Because with time, every problem you encounter become easy to understand and better easy to explain.

With time, and inspecting crashes, as a developer, you can gain precious low level information. And then you'll find that most of the bugs have some common root causes.

This kind of thinking applies to all kind of crashes, not just computer one. And fixing crashes are always a lucrative activity, because all complainers become your customers.

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