Friday, September 28, 2012

Income is the concept of the poor

In France, everybody focus on income.
The more income you get, the nicer people are with you.
A stable income means security, and the best way to get security is to be an employee.
If you don't have a stable income, you are unsecure.

As entrepreneur and independent worker you have always to fight against people from bureaucracy that don't like the way you are. The money can flourish in your company, if it does not move to your pocket, they categorize you as "poor".

Everybody focus on income as the source of status.

But income is the concept of the poor.
The rich controls income, and thus the psychology of the poor.
He can appear rich or poor in front of the poor, depending on the benefit he gets.
If he wants a personal house, he will decide to appear rich in front of his banker.
If he wants to pay less taxes, he will decide to appear poor in front of the national treasury.

The trick is that this money doesn't have to come from your bank account.
The money doesn't have to come from your own companies.
And this money does not have to come from your capital gains.

When money comes where you want, when you want, then you are rich.

The good thing with that is that french government are taxing at their highest level the income.
They say they are taxing the rich and make justice for the poor. They are not.
They are taxing the poor, and the middle.

Nowadays, only the poor and the middle will dress themself as rich in front of robin hood.

The rich have ultimate knowledge of moving money where he wants, when he wants.
Income is just a way to move money to his personal bank account... But does he need to, why does he need to ?

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