Friday, August 3, 2012

Wake or give

Enough is enough, I wanted to be employee, I got a job.
Then I wanted to be independant, I got customers.
And now want to make business but I am stuck at the independant level... (Making a business means earning your life without trading your time)

Why am I stuck ??? Because I am lazy. Plain lazy, I recognize it and hate it. And I believe it is a dangerous disease that can kill dreams.
Or maybe, I'm just used to the carrot and stick.
So what to do ?
Seeing people around me getting closer than me creating a business is encouraging, but that is not enough. I am not jealous enough to stop being lazy.
So I will leverage my primary fear, to help me : I really hate loosing money.
  • I will set a measurable and verifiable goal,
  • I will set the deadline,
  • I will lend money to a project I want to support,
  • If the deadline is met, I get my money back,
  • If the deadline become liveline, the project I lent to will keep all the money forever.
I want to create a website for the and hope to heal lazy independant worker like me.
Having no boss, means that I am my own boss, if I am not though enough, seeing my money out of my pocket will seriously kick my ass off the bed.

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