Saturday, August 25, 2012

This is why I hate echo

When I was a student I wanted to become MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) for recognition of my contribution in the .NET community on CodeProject , Codeplex, and my old coding blog.

For Microsoft, MSP are useful for referencing, propagating their news and evangelize their products. For students, Microsoft is usefull for recognition and free software they give away.
So I took a try...

And then someone in charge of this program told me : I see that you never speak about our new and next hot things, that's what we need.

My response : I hate echo, and if it is what you search, go somewhere else.
So I did not end up in their boat.

And indeed, all the MSP I knew at this time had a blog with the new and next hot things from Microsoft.

But writing anything else that don't make me unique is like selling my own soul.

I would become the same as people I hate the most : popular magazine/news/news paper journalists.
They all speak with different voices the same facts.
They do not investigate but accept, do not research but believe, do not write but repeat. Their sole purpose is to amplify whatever message we give to them.  Their sole purpose lies to be the tool of something else.

I show no respect for this type of work and I will never work for anything less worthy than full pride in myself.

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