Monday, August 13, 2012

Sleep hacking

Maybe some of you already know Phrack Magazine.
This is a magazine for hackers, I'm not one of those, but these guys are among the smartest you can find.
I have huge respect for their exploits, hacks and knowledge. And I read it for the same reason most of them find exploits : fun and curiosity.
I'm not smart enough to fully understand their hack, but I hope with time, I will be able to appreciate their work.

Most of these articles are written in C/ASM and something that looks like english but obfuscated with hacking dialect. If you are not a security/software professional, coder or hacker, forget it.

But this time, they talked about a subject I understand. A subject I already tried to hack. They call it brain hacking : projection of consciousness, I call it sleep hacking.

I am lucky, I already had lucid dreams : that is a dream where you are fully aware you are dreaming, and the world around you, and the people in this world appear more real than real life.
You have full power in this world, you can fly, run fast, create landscape, or just enjoy and talk to people.
The people you met there are as smart as the one in real life.
You have full power, so you can make them disappear too.
All of that consciously knowing that in reality your are in your bed. (or what you called reality before that)
Phrack's article talk about other higher level of consciousness, but these I never had.

The first time you have a lucid dream, you will become obsessed to get back there, and seriously throw in the toilet the definition of "reality".
This lead me to another experience on sleep I made some years ago : Polyphasic sleep, or, to be more specific the uberman sleep pattern, to get these lucid dreams back.
During 2 weeks I got 4H of sleep with one nap of 30 minutes, every 4 hours. I must say that the first week you feel terrible, then strange things happen.
  • you have more dreams, 
  • more lucid dreams, 
  • you fall asleep in 3 minutes, every time you want,
  • you never oversleep past 30 minutes,  (alarm clock becomes optional)
  • you don't differenciate days, 
  • time is just "continous",
  • you wake up with full energy, and clear state of mind you never had before,
  • you can sleep everywhere,
  • when you wake up you have the sensation to have slept one full hour,
Dreams and lucid dreams become part of your life, and wake time is sometimes seen as the necessary time until your next dream.
But if you can't take one nap, you are broke for the three three next one.

My work at the time and my friends did not get it and made me skip some naps, I could not follow a different schedule than the one in which our society works.
This led me to stop the hack. But the experience ? definitively worthwhile.

Why I am talking about that ?

Hacking is not limited to computer hacking, hacking is about experiences, and experiences are about curiosity. Hacking is about challenging the status quo, asking why, finding the response, use it for ourselves and share it. And, as always, if now, you are more curious, be it about Phrack or sleep hacking, I reached my goal.

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