Saturday, August 4, 2012


Habits are formed by willpower and environment, if an habit was a car, willpower and environment would be engines.

But like an F1 engineerer would tell you : If you want to go fast, maximize the engine's power, and minimize frictions. (car's aero dynamic)
And if you want to stop, maximize frictions. (parachute, brakes)

Willpower comes and go, and seems limited every day for whatever reason.
But what I know is that I have ultimate control over my environment.

You want to stop a bad habit ? add frictions.
You want to encourage good habit ? remove frictions.
When you set your environment to encourage you to go where you want to go, you need less willpower to have the same result.
  • Why my facebook account is disabled ? Because I would use it if it wasn't.
  • Why does my email password is not saved in the browser ? Because I would check them it if it was'nt.
  • Why do I set the alarm clock at 7am ? Because I would stay in my bed if it wasn't.
  • Why do I program the coffee machine at 7:10 am ? Because if I stay in my bed, I would be punished by wasting the morning coffee.
  • Why have I not any video game at home ? Because I would play it if there was.
  • Why do I want to give money if I don't meet my deadline ? Because if I would not, I will miss it.
  • Why I don't close my stores ? Because if I would the sun would not wake me up.
  • Why do I keep an old phone ? Because if I would, I would never disconnect.
I am lucky enough to be the master of my time. And it is so easy to waste it.
Here some tips to add frictions to your digital life :
Block website : (Once blocked, they made it very annoying to unblock)
Crash the internet : (Yes, I paid for that)
Block websites and apps :

For the physical life :
Program the coffee machine, use alarm, use the pomodoro technique, don't close your stores, improve or break the design of every day things.

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