Thursday, August 16, 2012

Persist your brain on the net

Do you have a bad memory and friends that make fun of you by telling that you left your brain on the net ? You are not alone.

But as our brain was the only portable information device with paper yestersday, now, we have internet and our cell phone is better than us for information storage and retrieval.

Yes, I use now the storage part of my brain to remember -or guess- what keyword I might have typed on evernote to store an information that already passed through my head.

Every time I read something that I might need tomorrow, it is on evernote.
Every time I read a book, every worthwhile sentence, I evernote it.
Evey time I read a technical book, rich of content to remember, I draw mind maps.

For example, these days I am reading Windows Internal from Mark Russinovich, here are what I learned on windows security (chap 6) and concepts and tools (chap 1).

That is for only two chapters from this book, I repeat the same process for every certification I need to pass.

The amazing stuff is that no matter how much you forgot about the actual stuff, you will always remember the place in the diagram where you persisted it.

Arrows that connect bubbles will refresh your memory with all the concept you learnt at the time you persisted your information.  Your subconscious will bring back the whole graph as if you did it yestersday.

Your brain remembers better where you stored information than the information itself... take advantage of it, and persist your brain on the net.

The only thing you will remember is that you already persisted in the past what you are looking for.
Let evernote's index do the rest. (Or whatever index you are using)

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