Thursday, August 9, 2012

From industrialism education to world education

First of all, thanks Seth Godin to write freely about the school problem with Stop stealing dreams.
This post is inspired by this ebook, I fully read in one bit, as always Seth is one of my favorite author and speaker.

Ask a child or teenager the following question : "why do you go to school ?"
And they will automatically respond : "To get a job."

Here the response I would like : "I will become astronaut, president, big boss, math researcher, or whatever"

What is the difference ? The "Getting a job" put you at the place of the compliant worker praying his safety to government and big bosses.

"Getting a job" is for someone not knowing where to go, and if you don't know where to go, if you don't know where to focus your energy, be sure you'll end up somewhere else.

"I will become xxx" is the response of someone that will focus all its energy to the goal. He is the master of its destiny. This person do not beg his future, he just takes it.

What is the link between that and industrialism education and world education, you ask ?

School was promoted during the industrialism age, and the tendency was pretty clear : we will have lots of factory and we need compliant worker to work in it.
The goal of the school was to create compliant and disposable workers. For a worker to be disposable, you just need tons of workers with the same skillset. And so what the industrialist school does.
To be sure all the workers are the same, standard curricula is the standard tool.

Except that now, these disposable workers are in concurrence with India, and China.

At the same time, we are experiencing radical technological progress, and you can learn anything for free. The knowledge tree is huge, and if you want to be indisposable you better be at the leaf and not the root.

Here is the paradox with our education system : We continue to create disposable workers we don't need, even though most knowledge in the world is 3 clicks away.

We ask our teacher and child that they need to become information (trivia) gatekeeper, when internet replace this role in a much more scalable way.

What I call world education is when children will learn not to have a job, but to realize their dreams. When teacher will teach them how to have this burnable desire to learn out of curiosity. And then give the rest to internet. They will see a world where they can get all knowledge and contacts they need to be whatever they dream of. They will stop begging your dream, and take it.

The best teachers and universities in the world share knowledge freely their courses.
The first time someone see by himself one of these courses, not to pass an exam and not to get a job, is the first step toward independance, and creativity.
These services will change the world for the better. They bring tredemous leaf learning, thanks to them you will not become compliant and disposable worker, the knowledge volume is too high for someone to know everything.

Teachers are not information gatekeepers anymore, I think they will more and more become coaches that is : They will make people knowledge independant. (Depending on no one to get and assimilate knowledge)

A trainer will become the highway to be knowledge independant on a specific subject.


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