Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Work and investment definition

-How much do you work every day in average ?
-3 hours
-Wow what are you doing after that, are you bored ?
-I read books, follow courses on udacity, and I code interesting things and write on it.
-So you work more than 3 hours  !

Where comes from this difference of perception ?

For employees, work is any activity you could do at your company's cubicle.
For me work is exactly that : Direct exchange of time against money.
On the other hand, I call investment an Indirect exchange of time against money. (Exchanging your time for something that will makes money for you)

Educating myself, coding for free and writing on codeproject is not working.
It is not investing either because nothing will make money for me after my new article is released.

Working and investing are not defined by activities, but by the end (money) and the method (direct or indirect).

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