Friday, July 13, 2012

Habit and addiction for productivity

As an independant developer working at home, I had the bad habit to procrastinate instead of working.
Until the day I learned how to leverage the power of habit and addiction in my advantage.

I took the habit to use a to-do list for all my work, every time I need to do something I put it in the list.
Every day the first action was to check the list, and for every tasks 3 actions are possible:
  • Doing it ,
  • Delegating with a new task for following up,
  • Defering it and sending calls or emails when I need more information
Now, this habit has become an addiction, and I can't stand seeing anything in my list... And as always, I have only 3 choices possible for every task.
Making it an addiction push me to work in the direction I set without willpower.

I learned this system with Getting things done, and people might think that you need discipline to follow these advices... Actually you only need discipline in the beginning... then it becomes an habit, then an addiction.

When it is an addiction, you need discipline only if you want to stop doing it.

Have you ever felt times when you know you need to do something but you actually did not because of whatever reason on earth ?
Now it does not happen anymore for me, when I feel the need to do something, I just add it to my list and then my addiction pushs me to cross the task out of my view.

Habit and addiction are powerful tools, with it, you don't need willpower and discipline to move forward. (... or backward if you don't use it wisely)

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