Sunday, July 8, 2012

The chinese way

I often advice people to learn things by the chinese way.

There is no disrespect about the chinese people, it is just that china is well known for their ability to take good idea and replicate them. And I think that this is the way the world should work without any shame. Too much emphasize is make to the inventor... whereas the most important should be to solve problems and make people life better, not to invent.

In .NET programming the best documentation is not the official microsoft one (MSDN). The best documentation is the code itself reverse engineered with tools like IlSpy.

And I think that the same process is true about entrepreneurship. We should spend less time reading book and more time talking to people that succeed, and reverse engineer what make them successful.

I have the chance to meet lots of smart people with my work, and even when I am the trainer, I always learn what make them amazing.

Too much time is spent dreaming being successful and getting the best idea, this time should be spent copying (or reverse engineering) what work and applying it to your environment.

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