Sunday, June 24, 2012

Job security is insecure

In a previous post, I talked about the difference between freedom and dependency.

Internet works because it depends on lots of dispensable nodes.
While you are tempted to think that being dependant limit your freedom, it is the other way around.
You are free when you depend on lots of dispensable nodes.

Given this framework, job security is insecure.
Why ?
Because a secure job is not a dispensable node, it is a dependable node.
By seeking a secure job, you will find what IT guys call "a single point of failure".

What is the problem ?
The problem is that what control the node controls you.

"My boss would not do that", you can think...
You are wrong... he already does... controlling someone else time and space is a social norm and you are not aware of it, not even your boss.

If he wants you to work when you want to go on holiday with your friends, you will accept that.
If you want to work from starbucks and he wants you to be at the office, you will accept that.

You will accept because it is a social norm.
You will accept because your job is your single point of failure.

The safest thing to do is to consider every job as insecure, and having lots of them.
The best people you need to meet are the ones that will be thankful for not having your life in their hand.

All my customers and partners are insecure, and they are thankful for the freedom I give to them.
I don't want to hold someone life in my hand too, so, I am also the first to make myself dispensable...

That is why I like to introduce to my customers people with the same skills as me. 

That is my definition of social networking : building a network of dispensable nodes, and make sure you are also dispensable : the well being of your network depends on it.

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