Monday, June 18, 2012

Buy a car or house and get free they say

Don't confuse freedom with dependency.

Freedom is the ability to pivot at any time, in any way.
Dependency is working with other people for your goal.

You can be highly dependant but free.
You can be independant and prisoner.

When people talk about buying a house or buying a car, they are talking about decreasing dependency, not increasing freedom.

If you buy a house, and have a mortgage to pay, you are prisoner from your job.
Loosing your job become highly risky.
You are prisoner of the time you need to dedicate to maintain it.
You are prisoner of the place you need to live, you'll be reluctant to move somewhere else once you buy.

Same thing for a car, buy a car and you need to work more hours in order to get the same thing in your bank account because of the recurring fees.

Every $ you give, is time your need to give to someone else at some specific place. You loose freedom of action and the freedom of moving.

The bigger your network, the safer dependencies are.

Internet works not because every node in the network is dependable but because every node in the network is dispensable.

Dispensable means that putting down the node you depend on does not impact your freedom.
It does not means that your friends and partners are not important...
Dispensable only means that they can't take away freedom even when you are dependant on them.

Do not confuse freedom with dependency, it's two highly different concepts.

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