Saturday, May 5, 2012

The one hour rule

You want to work on an interesting project but you want to know if your partners are up to the task ?

Give them one hour per week, nothing more, nothing less, and no way to save it for later.

If this hour is not used by the end of the week it means that there is not enough motivation. Stop here.

If more than one hour is used it either means that the project's scope is wide, or that your time is wasted.

Three choices here are up to you :
  • Give more time
  • Narrow the scope of the project
  • Stop here

If exactly one hour is used, you found someone that value your time,

The next two steps are :
  1. Give more time
  2. Widen the scope of the project

That's my one hour rule... and it makes wonder.
Your time is the most precious asset your have, work with people that respect it.

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